Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Architectural Patterns

After 8 month this is my first post on this blog. I have a lot to blog about by which mean many posting to come. These postings will be mostly about Architectural Patterns and related  subjects.
One might imagine Architectural Patterns(AP) are same as Software Design Patterns(SDP) but with an architectural twist,  while in reality the realm of Architectural Patterns is much broader than that of SDP. Microsoft Corp refer to the AP as Architectural Styles. While one can depict the architecture in conjunction with patterns but  patterns are not just a great definition and solution to parts of the architecture. To better understand this lets talk about the steering mechanism used in cars. That is a pattern so is the fuel delivery system they are concepts with abstract meaning and materialized implementations. When someone talks about the fuel delivery system you don't need to see how they implement it but can visualize the how it might be materialized. Now as many types of vehicles can implement the pattern steering same goes for APs.

Architectural sub-domains

Sub-domains deal with compartments we have in an overall solution architecture. in most cases APs deal with sub-domains. Some APs to sub-domains relations are:

Figure one shows two sub-domains, service and data architecture and the the list APs related to them. The bar at the bottoms shows solution and design patterns which cross these two domains. We will visit each of these APs and related SDPs and Solution Patterns.


  1. It's interesting, I consider it an introductionary blog post. I like the link, that is very fruitful.

    I agree that software design patterns are suited more for designing the construction of software itself (usually Devs and Architects cope with it).

    And on the other hand there are Solution Architects that are further away from the specific technologies and know the abstract more.

    Just keep on posting :)


  2. Keep em' coming! Nice work.

  3. Interesting, how can i be notified of new future blog posts of yours?

    1. You can set yourself as a follower of the blog.